Natural Mesh Eyes System 4.0 [CREATiCA ] 


The MOST customizable eyes in SL through a very advanced and easy to understand HUD at a reasonable price.
Mesh items require the use of a mesh enabled viewer!
Mesh eyes look much more detailed and sharp compared with usual system eyes !
You are able to buy more plugINS with many texture styles (we still working on new plugins !)
You can check Related Items for it
-Hud for glow effects
-HUD FOR customizable Textures
-6 High Detailed Textures
-resize system-fully instructions,pose stand,lm,nc etc
-Alpha layer(optional)
-lifetime update
How s it work ?
-You can change
-Flip Textures
-texture rotation
-offset-repreat per face
-Also you can reset settings

In short eyes system with fully customizable textures and effects
modify: no
copy: yes
transfer: NO
I add 2 pictures with Hud instructions for better underestanding how to.
If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me Deathjoe Dudek inworld.
-Better and faster preloader for textures in eyes
-We added second version or eyes with less object details but textures stay great ! (We do it for peoples with not good pc's) Soo now u can select version for u !
-Fix few weird things in HUD
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