CYBER MASK EX-1 [White Style] ver.1.0 by [CREATiCA]

Cyber Mask EX-1 

If we do any up-date of this product you get it for free always!
Please remember you can edit color effects and size etc by HUDS!
We will try to add a video as soon as possible!
- Particle steam On / Off HUD
- Breathing sound On / Off HUD
with volume adjust
-Low Lag HUDS
Includes :
-CYBER MASK EX-1 ver.1.0
-Hud for glow effects
-Hud for Color effects
-Hud for control sound&particle
-Resize system [only one script]
Description :
Cyber mask ex-1 has 12 prims
also have great effects and
CREATiCA. © Copyright. 2008
High quality products created with passion ,heart and mathematics !
If u get problems please contact with DaethJoe Dudek always Helpfull


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